Concrete pumping services in Montérégie and Montreal South Shore and North Shore

At Pumping Élite, we are concrete pumping experts with over 20 years of experience.  

With excellent concrete pump trucks, we carry out concrete works of all kinds, on renovation and construction sites: concrete pouring, shotcrete and concrete injection. 

We work for clients in civil engineering, residential, commercial, institutional and agricultural sectors, in the Eastern Townships, Montérégie and Montreal (South Shore and North Shore).

Why choose us for a concrete pumping?

We owe our strength in this field to our experienced operators who offer the best service and who are fully dedicated to this family business. Regardless of the size of your projects (foundations, balconies, floors, pools, mezzanines, etc…), we offer the service of an advisor on your site to perform the work. Let’s not forget our 24/24 dispatching service!

In addition, Pompage Élite offers the service of a consultant directly on your site to indicate the right equipment for the realization of your project. Our concrete pump trucks are state-of-the-art and are able to operate for any type of project. In addition to our concrete pump trucks, we have a team of experienced operators who will be fully dedicated to your project in order to offer you a quality work that will meet your expectations and even more!

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Concrete Pouring

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Do you have large-scale or hard-to-access jobs that require pouring concrete? In order to work efficiently and cleanly, opt for a truck with a concrete pump, you will not regret it!  

Thanks to our expertise and our large fleet of concrete pump trucks, we can handle all types of projects, from the simplest to the most complex, even in height or over long distances. So call us for all your jobs that require concrete pouring, you will save time and you will get a completely uniform job.  

Note that we are not only used to working for individuals, but also for professionals in civil engineering, agricultural and trade sectors. For instance, our concrete pouring expertise contributed to the building of a parking area, a pool, a silo, a terrace, a sidewalk, a bridge, etc. With us, your concrete pumping job will be well done! 

Concrete Injection

injection de béton

Over time, the concrete may tend to wear down and especially to crack. If you have a damaged building or concrete structure, contact us. Thanks to our concrete pump trucks, we can quickly solve your problem with lasting results via an injection of concrete, so that your construction regains all its resistance.  

Our concrete injection service can be used to repair a concrete foundation or to fill a crack. In fact, we bridge over cracks regardless of the structures: concrete foundation, floor, swimming pool, concrete slabs, etc. We can even handle small spaces and hard to reach areas. For more information, submit your enquiry, we will get back to you promptly with the appropriate solution for you.


béton projeté

Depending on the circumstances, it could be much more interesting to do shotcrete, rather than just a concrete pouring job. This is particularly the case for a construction that must be well waterproof, such as an aqueduct or swimming pool, since the shotcrete has a greater waterproofing capability. 

Another benefit of shotcrete has a faster application time than concrete pouring. If you are in a hurry or have tight deadlines, this is a good alternative to concrete pouring!

So, if you are in Montreal (North Shore and South Shore), in the Eastern Townships or in Montérégie, contact us for a shotcrete service. We would be delighted to provide you with some advice and to share with you our know-how, whether you come from the civil engineering, residential, commercial and institutional sectors. 

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Do you need a concrete pumping service? Choose Pompage Élite, the experts in concrete pumping in the Eastern Townships, Montérégie and Montreal, on the North Shore and the South Shore.

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